Free Educational AI Assistants that Teachers Love

free AI assistants for teachers

Welcome to our dedicated AI tools resource page! As educators, we constantly strive to find innovative and effective tools that can enhance our teaching methods and enrich the learning experience for our students. On this page, you’ll find a curated selection of free Artificial Intelligence tools designed to support a diverse range of educational needs. From automating administrative tasks to providing personalized learning experiences, these tools are here to transform the way you teach. Whether you’re looking to integrate AI into your lesson plans, streamline your classroom management, or explore new avenues for student engagement, our collection of AI resources is here to assist you every step of the way.

Differentiated Instructor – Easily Create Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plans with as little as a topic idea or as much as a fully fleshed-out lesson plan using a different strategy.

Worksheet Generator – Easily create worksheets. You can input a learning goal or topic, a whole lesson plan, or even a text selection and generate a worksheet for your class.

Leveled Text Creator – Add a base-level text and level it for students who read at different grade levels while keeping the same important content intact.

Writing Feedback Generator—Input a piece of student writing and get constructive feedback for the student. Students can also use this.

Report Card Assistant—Add a few details about your student and get perfect report card comments (well, nearly perfect!). This tool will save you tons of time.

PEEL Paragraph Assistant—Students will learn to write perfect paragraphs with this assistant, which helps them develop each sentence without doing any of the writing for them.

Mythology Flash Fiction Assistant—This is another student assistant that will help them develop flash fiction with a mythological slant. It’s pretty specific, but it’s fun to use nonetheless. 

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