Differentiated Instructor

Use this tool to create lessons that are in line with various differentiated instruction models. You can input your current lesson plans, provide some specific direction, or even give a vague idea of what you want to create. Your lesson plan will come with learning goals! Want to know more about each DI Strategy? Click here.

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Update Your Class Information

Add your grade and subject, then click update settings. These settings will be there when you come back to use the worksheet generator next time. You can update classes whenever you need to.


Choose your Differentiation Style

Choose the differentiated instruction technique you want to use.


Provide Lesson Information

You can paste an entire lesson to create an equivelent one using a differentiation technique or provide general guidelines. Either way you’ll get a lesson plan with the style of your choice.


Your Lesson

Get your lesson plan with the differentiated technique here, complete with learning goals! You can edit, print, and copy your comments.

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