The Basics of MLA Formatting for Opinion Essays

MLA Formatting

MLA stands for Modern Language Association. In this MLA formatting lesson, designed to empower students by guiding them through the nuances of MLA formatting in academic writing. This comprehensive lesson offers a blend of theoretical understanding and practical application, enabling teachers to seamlessly integrate MLA standards into their curriculum. With resources like a detailed note on MLA formatting, and a supportive instructional video, educators can confidently facilitate a learning environment where students not only grasp the fundamentals of MLA formatting but also apply these principles effectively in their writing. This lesson is tailored to foster a thorough comprehension of MLA formatting, ensuring students’ academic work adheres to these essential scholarly standards.

Learning Goals

  • I will be able to explain the key components of MLA formatting.
  • I will be able to use a word processor, such as Google Docs, to set up a document following MLA guidelines.
  •  I will be able to effectively apply MLA formatting rules to my own writing.


  • Access to a computer with word processing software. The Youtube video will focus on formatting with Google Docs.


  1. Review the note on MLA Formatting.
  2. Guide students through setting up an MLA formatted paper. (Use this Youtube Video if you aren’t familiar with setting it up).

MLA Formatting Note

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