Perfect Concluding Paragraphs in an Opinion Essay

Concluding paragraphs

In this lesson, we’re going to elevate our essay writing abilities by mastering the art of crafting effective concluding paragraphs. The conclusion of an essay is a powerful piece of writing that wraps up arguments and leaves a lasting impression on the reader. We will explore the essential elements that make a conclusion both compelling and memorable. We’ll start with a review of a slideshow dedicated to conclusions, followed by a detailed examination of an example that skillfully connects an introduction with its conclusion. This approach will illuminate the art of bringing full-circle coherence to your essays.

Learning Goals

  • I will be able to identify the key components of an effective concluding paragraph.
  • I will be able to analyze examples of concluding paragraphs to recognize good practices.
  • I will be able to apply the techniques and strategies learned from the slideshow and example to draft a coherent and impactful concluding paragraph.



  1. Review the conclusions slideshow.
  2. Show the Intro / Conclusion example.
  3. Create the first draft of the conclusions.

Conclusions Slideshow

Introduction / Conclusion Example

In the following, notice how the conclusion mirrors the introduction. It is an inverted version of the introduction.

Intro:  According to a study conducted by the Florida House Experience in 2011, among 1,000 men and women “eighty-seven percent of women and sixty-five percent of men compare themselves to the images they see on social media”. This has a drastic impact on many individuals’ body image. The media affects body image by influencing the way people perceive their bodies, causing mental health issues like eating disorders, and providing unwanted negative feedback.

Conclusion: The media influences the way people perceive their bodies, causes mental health concerns, and provides negative outside feedback.  People start to compare themselves to others seen on social media, which causes eating disorders and many insecurities. Mainstream media affects the body image of all people in many ways.

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