Master MLA Citations: Essentials for New Essay Writers

MLA Citations

In this lesson on MLA citations, we aim to equip students with a thorough understanding and practical skills in MLA citation standards. This lesson is thoughtfully designed to guide educators through the process of teaching the intricacies of MLA formatting in academic writing. With a rich array of resources, including an informative MLA citations note, a comprehensive Works Cited Handbook, a worksheet that guides students through creating citations, and an engaging YouTube tutorial on utilizing Google Docs for citations, teachers are well-prepared to deliver an impactful learning experience. This lesson merges theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice, allowing educators to confidently integrate MLA formatting rules into their teaching repertoire. This lesson is an essential tool for fostering a deep understanding of MLA standards, crucial for the integrity and professionalism of students’ academic endeavors.

Learning Goals

  • I will be able to identify and understand the key components of MLA citations.
  • I will be able to accurately format a Works Cited page in MLA style.
  • I will be able to apply MLA citation rules to a variety of sources.



  1. Review the citations note with students.
  2. Show, share, or print copies of the MLA Works Cited Handbook for students.
  3. Complete the in-text citations worksheet.
  4. Complete the works cited worksheet.
  5. If using Google Docs to create in-text citations, show students the Youtube video (or review the steps with students).

MLA Citations Note

In-Text Citations Worksheet

Works Cited Worksheet

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