Evaluating Web Sources for Opinion Essays

Evaluating Web Sources

In today’s lesson on evaluating web sources, we aim to provide students with an in-depth understanding and practical application of critical web source evaluation techniques. This lesson is crafted to guide educators in imparting the essential skills required to discern credible and relevant information in the digital landscape. It includes a dynamic range of resources such as an engaging presentation on evaluation criteria, a collaborative group worksheet for practical application, and individual tasks to hone these skills independently. The lesson also incorporates a reflective component, encouraging students to internalize and articulate their learning process. By merging theoretical insights with active learning exercises, this lesson equips educators with a robust framework to teach the critical evaluation of web sources, a vital skill in navigating the information-rich digital age.

Learning Goals

  • I will be able to identify and articulate the key criteria for evaluating the credibility and relevance of web sources.
  • I will be able to analyze and determine the accuracy and objectivity of information presented on various websites.
  • I will be able to independently evaluate web sources and articulate my findings and conclusions effectively.


  • Devices to view webpages for evaluation


  1. Review the Evaluating Web Sources slideshow with students.
  2. Using the worksheet, have students evaluate the first website in small groups.
  3. Have students complete the worksheet by evaluating two more websites by themselves.

Evaluating Sources Slideshow

Evaluating Sources Worksheet

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