Lord of the Flies Chapter 10: We Need Therapy Now!

Lord of the Flies Chapter 10

In this lesson, students will jump into the psychological and emotional aftermath of a pivotal event in Lord of the Flies: the death of Simon in Chapter 10. By selecting one of the key characters—Samneric, Jack, Ralph, or Piggy—students will create an imaginative dialogue between their chosen character and a psychologist. This exercise is designed to explore the characters’ inner turmoil and growth, imagining their mental and emotional states if they were rescued immediately following Simon’s death and underwent therapy. This activity aims to deepen students’ understanding of character development, psychological concepts, and the human condition under extreme circumstances.

Learning Goals

  • I will be able to analyze and interpret a character’s psychological state and motivations based on their actions and experiences in Lord of the Flies.
  • I will be able to demonstrate creative thinking by imagining a realistic therapeutic dialogue that reflects the character’s perspective and emotional state.
  • I will be able to apply psychological concepts to understand and explain the behavior of characters in stressful situations.



  1. Review the therapy dialogue writing activity before reading the chapter.
  2. Read Lord of the Flies Chapter 10, telling students to note character feelings and explanations about what happened with Simon.
  3. Complete the dialogue writing activity.
  4. If desired, complete the additional Chapter 10 questions.

Therapy Dialogue Instructions

Choose a Character: Samneric, Jack, Ralph, or Piggy

Research Psychological Concepts: Review your notes on psychoanalysis that you have compiled. If necessary, do additional research on other psychological concepts that could apply to your chosen character’s experiences and reactions after Simon’s death. Consider aspects like guilt, PTSD, grief, and the need for societal norms.

Write the Dialogue: Imagine that the characters were rescued immediately after Simon’s death. Create a dialogue between your chosen character and a psychologist during a therapy session. This session takes place shortly after their rescue, focusing on their thoughts, feelings, and reflections on the events on the island, particularly Simon’s death. Your dialogue should:

    • Include the character expressing their initial feelings about being rescued and their most pressing emotional concerns.
    • Explore the character’s memories of Simon’s death, their role in it (direct or indirect), and their feelings about the event.
    • Conclude with the psychologist offering insights or guidance, and the character expressing a resolution or a desire to heal.

Marking Criteria (Total: 20 Marks)

  • Understanding and Interpretation of Character (5 Marks): Demonstrates a deep understanding of the chosen character’s personality, motivations, and emotional state. The dialogue accurately reflects the character’s voice and perspective.
  • Application of Psychological Concepts (5 Marks): Effectively applies psychological concepts to the dialogue, showing insight into the character’s mental state and the impact of their experiences.
  • Creativity and Originality (5 Marks): The dialogue is imaginative and original, providing a plausible and insightful exploration of the character’s healing process. It goes beyond surface-level analysis to reveal deeper truths about the character.
  • Clarity and Coherence (5 Marks): The dialogue is well-organized, clear, and coherent. It flows logically, with transitions that effectively bridge the character’s thoughts and the psychologist’s interventions. The writing is grammatically correct, with appropriate vocabulary.

Additional Chapter 10 Questions

  1. What was Samneric’s explanation for the previous night and why did they say that?
  2. Do you think that Jack is using “the beast” to maintain power or that he is sincerely fooled? Support your answer.
  3. Why were the boys half-relieved and half daunted by the beast.
  4. Why is Jack “the chief now in truth?”
  5. What is the “curtain” in Ralph’s mind and what does it imply?
  6. What is Piggy’s explanation of Simon’s death, and why does he say that?

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