Lord of the Flies Chapter 9: Simon’s Untimely Demise

Lord of the Flies Chapter 9

In Lord of the Flies Chapter 9, entitled “A View to a Death,” students will look into one of the novel’s most pivotal and harrowing scenes, focusing on the tragic fate of Simon. This chapter stands as a crucial turning point in William Golding’s exploration of the inherent darkness within humanity and the breakdown of societal norms. Through an obituary writing activity, students will examine the events leading up to Simon’s demise and his character throughout the novel. Students will gain insights into the complex themes of innocence, savagery, and the loss of moral compass. This lesson will encourage critical thinking, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the novel’s broader implications on human nature and society.

Learning Goals

  • I will be able to analyze the significance of Simon’s character and his role in “Lord of the Flies.
  • I will be able to understand the events that lead to Simon’s death in Chapter 9 and discuss why they happen.
  • I will be able to evaluate the impact of mob mentality and dehumanization as depicted in the novel.



  1. Read Lord of the Flies Chapter 9.
  2. Answer the chapter questions.
  3. Complete the Obituary Writing Activity.

Chapter 9 Questions

  1. What does Simon discover about the “beast” on the mountain?
  2. Analyze how Simon’s death symbolizes the loss of innocence and the complete descent into savagery.
  3. Give examples of how setting/atmosphere are important to this chapter.
  4. Reflect on the portrayal of mob mentality and its effects on individual morality and actions. How does this relate to real-world scenarios?

Obituary Writing Activity

In this assignment, you are tasked with writing an obituary for Simon. This task requires you to reflect on Simon’s character, his actions throughout the novel, and the events leading up to his tragic death. 

Before writing the obituary, jot down key points about Simon’s character traits, significant actions, and his role within the novel’s themes. Consider what makes Simon unique and how he contributes to the story’s moral and philosophical questions.

Writing the Obituary:

    • Introduction: Start with an announcement of Simon’s death, including any symbolic dates or locations relevant to the story’s context.
    • Summary of Life: Briefly summarize Simon’s life within the novel, focusing on his personality, his contributions to the group, and his philosophical or moral standings.
    • Events Leading to Death: Describe the events leading up to Simon’s tragic end, ensuring to capture the emotional and thematic weight of these moments. Reflect on how these events are representative of the novel’s broader themes.
    • Legacy: Conclude by reflecting on Simon’s legacy within the novel. Consider what his character teaches us about human nature, innocence, and the potential for savagery within us all.
    • Style and Tone: The obituary should be respectful and reflective, capturing the essence of Simon’s character and the significance of his story. While this is a fictional assignment, approach it with the same sensitivity and depth as a real obituary.

Your obituary should be a minimum of 250 words.

Marking Criteria (Total: 20 Marks):

  • Understanding of Character (5 Marks): Demonstrates a deep understanding of Simon’s character and his role in the novel.
  • Analysis of Events (5 Marks): Accurately and thoughtfully describes the events leading up to Simon’s death, linking them to the novel’s themes.
  • Expression and Sensitivity (5 Marks): The obituary is written with empathy, respect, and an appropriate tone, reflecting the serious nature of the assignment.
  • Grammar and Coherence (5 Marks): The obituary is well-organized, grammatically correct, and flows logically from introduction to conclusion.

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