Lord of the Flies Chapter 1: Island Mapping Preparation

Lord of the Flies Chapter 1

In this lesson focusing on Chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies, students will embark on a detailed exploration of the island setting, using a graphic organizer to meticulously record and map out its features. This exercise will not only enhance students’ attention to detail and comprehension of the text but also aid in their understanding of the novel’s setting and its significance to the overall narrative. By analyzing the circumstances that lead the characters to the island and the choices they make, students will develop deeper insights into character motivations and themes of leadership and survival. Additionally, this task will encourage students to recognize narrative techniques such as foreshadowing and to understand the narrator’s perspective. By the end of this activity, students will have honed their skills in critical reading, analytical thinking, and thematic interpretation, preparing them to engage more deeply with the complexities of the novel.

Learning Goals

  • I will be able to meticulously identify and record key details about the island in Lord of the Flies.
  • I will be able to understand the reasons behind the boys’ choice of Ralph as a leader and articulate my own choice.
  • I will be able to identify and interpret moments of foreshadowing in the text.



  1. Introduce the mapping activity. As students read, they should be using the graphic organizer to list as many island details as possible. While the mapping activity instructions are included here, the map itself can’t be completed until after chapter 6, when students have read enough to get a good sense of the island.
  2. Provide the questions for students to answer.
  3. Read Chapter 1.
  4. Complete the island details and questions.

Student Instructions

  1. As you read Lord of the Flies, use the attached organizer to keep a log of details about the island. You will need to keep a record of each detail because you will eventually map the island. This information is critical!

Answer the following questions:

  1. Describe the feature referred to as the “scar.” What is it?
  2. What are the circumstances that led to the boys arriving on the island?
  3. What do you think happened in England?
  4. Why did the boys choose Ralph as their leader?
  5. Who would you have selected and why?
  6. What is a moment that may serve as foreshadowing?
  7. Describe the narrator. What is the narrator’s point of view? Explain.

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