The 27 Most Horrifying Monsters in Greek Mythology Lesson

Horrifying monsters in Greek mythology

This lesson, “The 27 Most Horrifying Monsters in Greek Mythology,” presents a comprehensive exploration of mythical creatures that have shaped storytelling for centuries. Tailored for English classes, it serves as a valuable resource to enrich your curriculum with narratives steeped in cultural and historical significance. Greek mythology, with its formidable Hydra and cunning Sphinx, offers a vivid landscape for discussing themes such as heroism, morality, and the human condition. These ancient tales, filled with legendary monsters and epic triumphs, are a gateway to igniting students’ imaginations and connecting them to a world where myths were more than just stories. The journey through these mythological tales promises to bring ancient lore into your classroom, making the legends and their creatures come alive for your students.

Learning Goals

  • I will be able to identify and describe key characteristics of various monsters in Greek mythology.
  • I will be able to effectively summarize and organize information from the video in a clear, concise note format.



  1. Handout worksheets
  2. Watch the video:
  3. Fill out the worksheet
  4. Prep students for the unit culminating task, which is to create a short story, including a monster from the list. The instructions for the short story are at the Creative Greek Myth Flash Fiction Lesson Plan.

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