Lord of the Flies Chapter 5: Letter home from Ralph

Lord of the Flies Chapter 5

This lesson plan, focusing on Lord of the Flies Chapter 5, is crafted to deepen students’ comprehension of the narrative’s pivotal developments and the intricate dynamics of its characters. By engaging in a thought-provoking letter-writing exercise, students will immerse themselves in Ralph’s psyche, articulating his experiences and challenges on the island. This creative writing task is designed to enhance their ability to analyze and empathize with Ralph’s leadership struggles, his emotional landscape, and his interactions with other key characters like Piggy, Jack, and Simon. As they craft a 300-word letter from Ralph’s perspective, students will explore the themes of leadership, fear, and moral dilemmas, bringing to life the novel’s exploration of societal structure and human behavior.

Learning Goals

  • I will be able to analyze and understand Ralph’s character in Chapter 5 of Lord of the Flies.
  • I will be able to effectively communicate a narrative in the first person.
  • I will be able to refine my writing skills in terms of structure, grammar, and spelling.



  1. Review the Ralph’s Letter Home activity.
  2. Remind students to continue logging map details to their organizer. They should be getting close to filling all 30 spots by now.
  3. Read Chapter 5 of Lord of the Flies.
  4. Complete the letter from Ralph.
  5. When finished, continue working on the persona masks.

Ralph's Letter Home Instructions

Objective: Write a 300-word letter as if you are Ralph, addressing his parents, explaining the events that took place in Chapter 5 of Lord of the Flies.


    • Understand Ralph’s Perspective: Before writing, read Chapter 5 and consider Ralph’s emotions and experiences.
    • Introduction: Start the letter by appropriately greeting your parents, letting them know that you are alive, and your current situation on the island.

Body of the Letter

    • Describe the Setting: Mention the island and the circumstances that led to your current situation.
    • Key Events: Detail the significant events of Chapter 5, focusing on Ralph’s leadership challenges, the fear among the boys, and the assembly he calls.
    • Personal Feelings: Express Ralph’s thoughts and feelings about the events and his role as a leader.
    • Interactions with Other Characters: Include how Ralph interacts with characters like Piggy, Jack, and Simon.
  • Conclusion: Conclude by summarizing Ralph’s hopes or fears for the future on the island.
  • Writing Style: Write in the first person, maintaining the voice and tone of a young boy stranded on an island.
  • Word Count: Ensure your letter is around 300 words.
  • Proofread: Check for spelling, grammar, and adherence to the character’s voice.


  • Content Understanding (10 Points):
    • Accurate representation of events from Chapter 5.
    • Depth of understanding of Ralph’s character and situation.
  • Writing Style and Creativity (10 Points):
    • Creativity in presenting the letter and maintaining the tone suitable for Ralph.
  • Grammar and Spelling (5 Points):
    • Correct use of grammar and spelling.

Total: /25

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