Lord of the Flies Chapter 7 Lesson Plan

Lord of the Flies Chapter 7

This lesson plan, dedicated to exploring  Lord of the Flies Chapter 7 is tailored to enrich students’ understanding of the novel’s critical developments and the complex interplay among its characters, with a return to the psycho-analytic lens. Our session will begin with a collaborative review of the chapter questions, followed by an immersive reading of Chapter 7. This structured approach aims to bolster critical thinking and foster an in-depth comprehension of the chapter’s key events, character dynamics, and core themes, particularly through a psycho-analytic perspective. As students engage with the chapter questions, they will be encouraged to analyze character motivations, symbolic elements, and thematic subtleties through this lens. This exercise is designed to enhance their analytical skills and provide a deeper, more insightful understanding of the narrative’s psychological underpinnings.

Learning Goals

  • I will be able to analyze and explain the changing dynamics between characters in Chapter 7.
  • I will be able to assess and discuss the motivations behind the boys’ actions in this chapter.
  • I will be able to write a comprehensive paragraph describing the events of Chapter 7 through a psychoanalytic lens.



  1. Review the Chapter 7 questions together.
  2. Read Lord of the Flies Chapter 7.
  3. Complete the chapter questions.

Lord of the Flies Chapter 7 Questions

  1. Who became the “pig” after the hunt? 
  2. What caused the boys to act this way?
  3. Who does Jack suggest that they use next time to play the game, and what does this reveal about him? 
  4. Give an example in this chapter of how fear deceives people and explain.
  5. What impression do you get of Roger?
  6. In a paragraph, describe the events in the chapter in terms of the psychoanalytic lens. Think about how the boys act, the connection to ‘the shadow’, and the connection to the hunt re-enactment. Also, what does the monster they find suggest about the collective unconscious?

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